Creative Direct Marketing Products

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Static Direct Marketing Products:

Consumer and mortgage demographics and Credit Scored Data.

This is data that is used by clients for direct mail and telemarketing. We have data available directly from the Consumers, tax franchise board, and local county records with actual mortgage balance data and revolving debt (and credit scores).

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Business Databases

The DnB business lists is rich and diverse in its capacity. The data file itself has over 10 million records alone. Your goal will be thelp clients determine what industry, size of company, and other information is required tget the lead generation program increase.

Specialty Lists

These are hard find lists of people or businesses for a specific industry. Certain lists are focused on these industries including: Travel, Magazine, retail products. Specialty data comes from list managers or publishers. The goal of a specialty list is tshowcase a tight and targeted group of people. Typically, these files can cost upwards of $150 per thousand. In all cases try not tsell a specialty list unless you feel that is the clients best option.

Business Opportunity, Mortgage, Insurance Leads

These Mortgage Marketing leads are sort of dynamic but extremely targeted in that they have recently inquired about another product but they are still not dynamic because of the way the client/consultant relationship must be managed. Static products are usually less long term customer service but require much thought and a good idea twin the business.

Targeted Marketing Programs Deliver Results.


Direct mail is an important ingredient in any direct marketing venture. We are fully equipped tmeet the needs of today's direct mail marketing community. Our machines are top of the line and our ability tproduce is outstanding. For the purposes of this manual, please refer any direct mail questions that clients may have tthe manager, business development director, or our marketing director.

Internet lead generation - Dynamic Direct Marketing Products -

Our ability tmarket online surpasses most mainly because we rely on a cost effective form of advertising called SEO or search engine optimization. Along with effective SEO, Vanzan Incorporated alshas great relationships with pay per click vendors as well as companies that sell advertising space on the major portals like yahoo, AOL, CNN, etc.For all inquiries related tinternet lead generation, please refer clients tthe business development director or the marketing director.

Click to Call and other channel hybrids to generate Response Leads

Most good direct marketing has multiple channels. Channel marketing is a great way tgain exposure in multiple areas of a prospects daily life. For example, if you were tsend a brochure and email the same person information about an investment opportunity or home appliance, they may be more apt tinvestigate further and purchase the product or service.

Telemarketing Appointment setting

Our telemarketing call center has over 65 seats currently and the capacity tdouble within weeks. The goal of the call center is tkeep it active with different campaigns. Typically we run most of our mortgage appointment setting services through our call center. This arrangement is great because we guarantee the leads tbe cost effective. We alscan dtelemarketing for a variety of industries and services. If you talk tsomeone about a telemarketing lead program for an interesting project, make sure tassess the needs first before passing the information tyour team leader. Always attempt tget contact information but not ask about their budget unless you have experience in pitching a telemarketing program.

Virtually any target Market is possible

Targeting Your Direct Marketing can be broad as male or female, homeowner and renters or as targeted as left handed golfers in Washington.

With over 500 selects ranging from lifestyle to wealth and uncome, kids toccupation, Vanzan can provide your company with targeted data that is guaranteed to make a difference in your business.

We work in an environment where marketing is a passion. Choose from custom designed postcards tresponder mailings. Our technology and world class consultants will create an easy experience for your advertising campaign.


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