Consumer Debt Lead Targeting

Generate Reverse Mortgage Leads - Find Qualified Mortgage Prospects with Consumer Finance Leads which allows us the niche service of finding you prospects that may be headed for foreclosure.

Now you can reach out to a distressed home owner that have defaulted on their mortgage even before they get their notice of default, pull by Revolving Debt Amount, or even 120 days late on mortgages with a wealth of other filters to insure that you are reaching out to good solid, QUALIFIED prospects to use your lending services.

The ability to obtain prospects in pre-foreclosure eliminates over 90% of your competition, which allow you to help more people.

What makes our services so different? While most businesses use aggregated, stale data we are offering you access directly into the bureau* allowing you an unprecedented view at the homeowners situation BEFORE you pay for an expensive mail piece.

This particular lead database requires some compliance work, but not to worry, if we can not get you approved you will know before a 15 min conversation is over... We get most of our prospects approved for this forclosure lead service!

You can view the available list selects here and sample headers here

With millions of records added every month, our clients may select data with pinpoint accuracy and some of the the fastest turn around times within our industry.

Additionally, Vanzan Incorporated has established direct mailing relationships that enable us to deliver a full spectrum of data solutions using our online data solution center.

Pre Foreclosure leads Distressed Homeowner Leads

Be clever with your Pre-Foreclosure mortgage marketing. Call a specialist today ((800) 884-8323) to see if your company can start using Specialty Consumer Data Foreclosure data today!


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