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Our Mailing List Affiliates Make Thousands per week

If your product or service offering can benefit from adding top quality mailing lists or direct marketing campaigns we encourage you to research our products and services and contact us to discuss the best route for your business model. Some programs that your company might consider are:

Recieve a custom branded PDF coupon book to offer on your site which is worth $50-150.00 to your clients, once they use this coupon, they will be entered into our system with a code that pays you by wire every single time that client orders, one example is one of the first affiliates we have ever had, he simply offered the discount book on their website, they then wrote an article on us and from ONE SINGLE client his company has made 600.00 per week for 2 years with only 1 small gap in the clients ordering process! Contact Eric Rothchild below to learn more about this exciting offer

IF you want to become more involved, we offer full training either in San Diego or NYC (free Flight after you start earning) on our products and services and will be able to do the following for you:

  • Free Customised Website Branded to your company
  • Free Training
  • 12 hour a day support either by our proprietary voice/video instant messaging system or phone
  • The ability to make thousands per week while still offering your clients standard or better than standard industry pricing
  • Fast turn arounds on your clients orders
  • Flawless processing system that is streamlined toward your clients needs
  • Support for your clients if necessary
  • Possibility of your own coount system to allow your clients access to our databases.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your clients order is pulled fresh from either a Consumer or major ISO9001 certified vendor.
  • Honesty and integrity in demonstrating business ethics.

We have spent years putting together a tight niche group of direct marketing products and services and strongly feel that our clients are getting the best service available in the United States. Although we are always attending shows and exploring new direct marketing products through testing,tweaking and then re-testing, our core products have stood the test of time and we have been using most vendors for over 10 years. This strong core of relationships within the direct mail and marketing industry has helped us build a rock solid company that not only shines with integrity but stands out as somthing special the very first time a new client comes in contact with us.

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