Loss Mitigation leads and our neighborhoods

What Happened

If you are handling Loss Mitigation Leads, your work is cut out for you. A few years back Mortgage Loan Fraud was rampant. The bulk of this disaster was brought about by trickery. In Cleveland, Ohio loans were overblown and impossible to keep up with. 80-85% bought by Wall Street from 2003-2007 ended up in foreclosure.

Another country-wide ruse was using "No Document Loans" which did not call for income verification and had been the privledge of the wealthy. These and other sleight of hand tactics have caused widespread Mortgage Loan failure. Neighborhoods are boarded up and teenage gangs are frightening the residents that are still in their home. The one good solution would be to sell the houses to new borrowers but today most burned out lenders are not lending.

So up comes Loss Mitigation. Loss Mitigation is a series of answers to best solve the problem. In the previously mentioned cases there was no way the homeowners could manage. Their mortgage was just too far over their heads. But in other cases the Mortgage Loan can be modified to keep the homeowner steady to ride out the times. This is especially true when there is a temporary problem that needs attention. Anything to keep the homeowner in the home is the preferable outcome.

What Happens Next...

The next step is foreclosure. The auction of homes that are about to be foreclosed can go into Short Sales. This is when the Lender approves pricing the property lower than the loan.. They will forgo the amount of money that a borrower owes them to get it off their books.

Although this meltdown is being experienced by both consumers and corporations. The recent increase of foreclosures gives investors with funding the advantage. This is because as the homes up for foreclosure increase in number, it hikes the auctions.. These auctions and short sales are two of the best opportunities that investors can have when it comes to purchasing homes being sold lower then market value.

What Kind of Mailers Work in Loss Mitigation

Handwritten Postcards. Postcards are among the direct mail pieces you can use for Loss Mitigation Marketing. Your marketing message is right there for a person to see, without him having to slit open an envelope. Although there are many available postcards that you can buy in the market that are suitable for your Loss Mitigation business, you would have more chance of getting your postcards noticed if you designed and made them yourself. Using noticeable but tasteful colors make postcards attractive and not garish. If you don’t have the time to handwrite all the marketing messages and addresses by yourself, then you can have the original marketing message that you wrote yourself photocopied onto nice-colored cardboards, so you would only have to handwrite the names and addresses only.

Direct Mailers with Handwritten Envelopes. There is nothing more eye-catching than a mail enclosed in a handwritten envelope. Because this is such a rare thing these days, it is quite hard not to get one noticed. If you will add a first-class stamp to this envelope,it gets the attention of the person you sent it to. The tendency of mail coming in handwritten envelopes being opened and read is quite high. This ensures a greater response rate. Regular envelopes or those that usually contain invitations make this marketing technique more noticeable.

Marketing Tip

A good selling Point: A law on the books right now states that "There is No Tax" on the forgiven amount from a Modified Mortgage Loan when it is used to revamp and repair the property. Typically all money that is forgiven with any debt is taxed as income. Loan Mitigations Loans are taxed as well if the money is used to pay off a car or bring down credit cards.

Whether you are trying to reach Distressed Home Owners or Real Estate Investors. Data puts you in touch with your prospects. We can Generate Custom Loan Modification Leads Through Creative Mortgage Mailings. As well as Real Estate Investor Leads through our databanks. Whoever your potential clients are we have your market cornered.

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