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Finding and Working With Distressed Homeowner Leads

Owning a home is a wish envisioned by almost every couple in Americabut actually acquiring one can be either a dream come true, or a nightmare in disguise (see Homeowner lists). Affording that home consists of having the credit rating to find a good loan to purchase it and enough financial where-with-all to make the monthly mortgage payments on time when the due date comes. If you miss one payment and get behind, it is hard to play catch-up and some never do. The unthinkable happens and you find yourself in default on both the loan and on your mortgage.

Suppose, you have a Loss Mitigation Lead that has defaulted on a home loan and the client is you're worried that they are going to come and take their precious home away and leave you with no hope of closing the loan. The wife is staring at you to do something, the kids are crying, worried that the Internet connection is going to get cut off and you're looking at a pile of bills that seems to just keep getting bigger and bigger.

The number one reason many Distressed Homwowners default on their mortgage loan is unexpected expenditures, which happen suddenly, or an unanticipated emergency. More people lose their homes because of illness, the loss of a job or marital discord than any of the other reasons.

Sometimes, one can see a problem before it happens but many a time they occur so quickly that we're caught off guard for instance, if you have an Adjustable Rate Loan and you signed knowing that it will balloon later on, You see that, saw it, and know its coming, therefore we would want to use you as an ARM Lead. By the time a solution can be found, the bills have accumulated to the point where serious help is needed.

NEWS FLASH: Lenders do not want defaults on a home loan

The Main concern of These Distressed Homeowner Leads are losing their home and the Main Concern of the bank is losing money they've lent for the home. If you stay in close contact with a lender, they will work to find a way to help your client get current again. Simply get the authorization paperwork back from the homeowner and tell them that you will stay in constant communication with their lending institution so they don't think they trying to run out on them or just not pay.

Lenders and their Banks Are Interested

If Your Clients Bank Knows About the Distressed Homeoners Situation, he will understand with a clear picture of what can be done.

Many will be willing to assist you if you have debt or cannot pay a loan payment, becoming a debt lead is not such a bad thing if you have a company that will work hard to find you companies that are in a position to help in any way they can to help you with your financial situation because they know that to keep you current, they will in turn get the money owed to them. Your past history of payment will go a long way in determining if you have been a good paymaster in the past and whether or not the lender will extend this kind of courtesy and assistance to you.

After all, Consumer Debt Leads have loans with banks that don't want them to actually lose their home. these banks are not in the business of owning property, and of course, they don't want to close that money either just because the homeowners financial situation is not of the best consition for this period. Looking for mortgage lead lists?

They can do what is called a loan workout plan and agree to take steps to solve your delinquency and find you a way to keep your home. You will have to determine what your bills and expenditures are and write them all out for your banker so they know how to help get you back current and help keep you that way. It's a last ditch effort, but a work out plan can save your home and, at most times, your sanity as well.

Now there are further new markets, some very useful for instance: Stop Foreclosure marketers and Credit Counselors need to be diligent and in place to turn around the situation. This is because other business endeavors worsen the problem such as: payday loans and check cashing. Leave it to the marketplace to determine a new direction. Let's just hope that it goes to operate a society that will not implode.

IF your company work in one of the businesses that will work to turn the economy into growth such as a Loan Modifier or Credit Counselor give us a call, we have leads that would benefit and Stop Foreclosure. Help Distressed Homeowner Leads into another shot at home ownership, before all of the neighborhoods are emptied. Emptied homes bring about other problems such as the new insurance coverage for boarded houses or houses that have yard signs proclaiming their vacancy.

Think of the nightmare that is Insurance today. We have a parallel situation to the higher rates for the subprime borrower, as insurance companies expect to charge exorbitant amounts for the new coverage on emptied housing in light of the damage that can happen to foreclosed homes. It is becoming a trend that overburdened property owners are choosing offshore insurance. Here again money is making the world a wider place by overstretching the wallets of Americans.

Foreclosure is about one of two things, no money available to honor the mortgage or mortgages not being worth the payments any longer. We have leads that will target both. Call today. (800) 884-8323

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