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FHA list for Mailing Direct to Homeowners - One thing that is working for our current clients is targeting FHA Mortgage holders with a Direct Mail Piece sent to those who currently hold a mortgage in the range of 400-700K, you may consider targeting these homeowners with filters that include ARMS and 30-60-90 days late since it is easier to forgive a 30-60 day late prospect using FHA if it is due to a ballooing ARM loan (see Arm Leads), if theya re late and its not because of the ballooning ARM, well we can take care of that with a filter specifying over 670 credit score so that it will be a little easier to roll them into a new conventional loan with a decent score.

You can read more about ARM leads or Homeowner Lists by following these Links or by calling us at (800) 884-8323 where you will be put in touch with a professional consultant that specializes in financial marketing.

Now we can reach out to consumers and targeted consumer prospects that would not otherwise qualify for an FHA loan due to their home value!

Refiance Lead Generation and FHA - The Difference

Current and Ongoing - Loans and Solutions

Plenty is in the works by our government for the housing cries which makes it much easier to generate qualified refinance leads.

Monetary incentives are out there for lenders to refinance mortgage loans. In one program, the refinancing uses a percentage of the borrowers income (31%) to set the principal. Whatever was cut is treated as forbearance and the debt is forgiven in equal portions over a three year period provided that the mortgagor stays current in payments. For the unemployed mortgagor there is a program to lower the monthly amount for six months while the homeowner seeks employment. The two requirements to bring the refinance prospects' payments to an affordable level are that the property is under $729,750 and there is proof of unemployment benefits for monthly installments.

Many a times, people decide that in selling mortgages, specifically FHA's using Mailing Services to acquire hefty amount of prospects will usually reap great benefits if performed properly. The reason may be any kind of investment in regard to FHA mailing lists is because the amount lendable in a Federal housing authority loan will be rising very shortly and we are here as your marketing partner to help you take advantage of the gap.

It is facts that with advent of technology you need not go to each government desk to acquire knowledge about any procedure relate to Selling FHA mortgages all you need to do is surf internet. There are many websites available with ample information about selling mortgage and related procedure. In an average the maximum information on these websites are supplied by the note buyers who are always concentrating on their interest only. So always try and get information from unbiased people who are interested in everyone’s concern.


At the same time you find a decent loanee for your loan products, the procedure will then be guided by the buyer for the transactions he wants to carry forward. It is always better to maintain all records of any emerging transaction and paperwork needed. This will always be helpful to you and will let you organize things in better ways. These all effort will never go waste because the more efficient paper work you have the client will offer better rates.

While arranging needed consumer information, include term, balance remaining, timeliness in payments, interest rate, PMI Insurance policies as well as an available option of running a credit check with the payer/buyer/signer of any mortgage.

It is a very vital key factor to note that all the legal actions and commitments differ in all states. So both the parties should be careful while processing the transaction by following all rules and regulation with all required documentation and information of the government of the concerned state.

Remember, it is never necessary that you sell the complete FHA Leads note. As for example if you are holding a note of $100,000 you always have the option of selling just $45,000 for short time duration. Moreover you can retain those remaining $55,000.

There are numerous ways to arrange all similar proceedings and it always depends on the procedure where the buyer prefers to purchase the mortgage. Hence the most vital thing for selling FHA mortgages is to locate an experienced and reputable buyer of debt instruments. Then he will be the best personal to describe his need from the procedure and then you can easily sell the mortgage note in cash and fast.

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