Why Would you want Specialty Mailing Lists & Data Sources?

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Lets us get right to work. There are three general methods we use to successfully identify Specialty Mailing Lists & Data Sources. This page will mostly cover the method that will help to find and use distressed homeowner leads using various research methods we make available to your company.

One very good way to find these "homeowners in trouble" could be to use a mailer that costs less than $330/M (33 cents) which is simply a black and white post card with an offer of help. Sounds simple but the target is the most important part, we need to make sure that the people are upside down in equity, have a dismissed bankruptcy, or are currently having trouble paying off bills.

Client Realtors and Attorneys have found that our alternative to "Credit Scored Data" for pulling distressed homeowner Leads is more effective in helping them reach their target markets FIRST!

The message itself is simple "We are interested in houses in your neighborhood"

You may decide to include other aspects that make your business more attractive but the basic attribute is the answer to their pain or need. Distressed Homeowner Lead data places emphasis on homeowners who have lost their equity, demonstrated that they are having trouble paying debt but have not yet had their credit damaged. These4-1may be upside down or underwater and have high credit card debts as well.

These Distressed Homeowner prospects are struggling and they need financial help that will guide them toward the right process: Refinance, Loan modification, Short sale, BK. ect...

Loss of Equity has been and is hard on all current homeowners, but the marketing campaign we can help plan for your company focuses on the ones hurting the most and are of course, most likely to response in a positive manner when presented with an offer that meets their needs.

We have found that using bureau data to pull borrowers late on their mortgage by 30 or 60 or 90 days is efficient and reliable. This data is not summarized or modeled which should be of particular interest, it is the credit report in present time.

Reach out to homeowners in distress for Late Loan lead generation through direct mail or by telemarketing BEFORE they get the NOD and BEFORE they know that they are headed in the wrong direction is possible when viewing credit information. Consumers that have trade lines pushing into tens of thousands of dollars have probably resorted to their credit in the down economy.

When we see high numbers on a trade line and a mortgage 2 to 5 years old we know that these are leads that will convert at a high rate, talk to a consultant today and be sure to request a free mail quote - (800) 884-8323

Now that the mortgage crisis is old news, erupting in all areas of finance, many lead providers are already making changes to tailor their mortgage application, credit repair, or debt lead capture websites toward the capture of information that will speed up the process of prospecting for defaulting and/or distressed home loan borrowers as theirs is such a timely issue, we all know how those leads work out, it's best to generate your own phone calls that no other company will have access to.

How To Contact Distressed Homeowner Leads


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