Steps to Generate Personal Bankruptcy Leads

Bankruptcy Lead Generation - A Do-It-Yourself Guide

Generating Bankruptcy Leads can be done in several ways. You can hire a lawyer, get an online bankruptcy filing service, or just do it yourself. If you donít want an online direct mail service , then you can generate bankruptcy leads on your own and we will show you how.

Be prepared though to do lots of research to generated quality Banktruptcy Leads. Which Marketing Type Should you use?

Lead Generation Checklist - Checking Out Bankruptcy Lead Filters

Before you start, you have to determine what type of bankruptcy leads will be applicable to your company. You can choose by dates for discharged bankruptcy filings, Filing time, or even dismissals and the databases we have access to are updated every single day to assure that we are not wasting time with older data sets.

Note: (Using daily bankruptcy data hot lines allows you be the first to reach prospects that may not even know that they can qualify for your services. See Bankruptcy Lists).

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Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Reading the provisions of these bankruptcy types will help you determine which one is suitable for your current situation. There are lots of legal literatures on these topics so better start reading them.
Study Different Resources

Using daily bankruptcy data hot lines allows you be the first to reach prospects that may not even know that they can qualify for your services.

Enhance Existing Databasesby excluding or omitting certain prospects by bankruptcy filling dates, discharge dates, chapter, homeowners and more, Click Here to download a spreadsheet with all of our available bankruptcy selects.

After deciding which bankruptcy type you will be filing, start researching for several resources on bankruptcy filing. You can find numerous reading materials in your local library’s references and legal journals.
You can also read official guides and consumer manuals for bankruptcy filing. There are also lots of e-books published on this subject. Careful reading is necessary in order to know the details of bankruptcy filing.
Contacting Your Creditors
The next step in filing personal bankruptcy is to contact your creditors. You need to get important data from them concerning your outstanding debts and obligations.
You also have to get some corporate data of your creditors such as addresses, listed attorneys, and collection agencies.

Filling-up the Bankruptcy Lead Forms

Once you gathered data from your creditors, it is time now to accomplish the bankruptcy forms. You also have to organize your personal information that will be needed to fill-up the forms.

You must provide accurate data on your loans circumstances, your existing assets, and current employment. You also have to include your credit history as well as past bankruptcies or legal suits filed against you.
Final Step: Filing Personal Bankruptcy

After all the research and paper work have been completed, it is time now to go to a local court and file for bankruptcy. Make sure that the information you provided in the forms and bankruptcy sheets are complete, accurate, and truthful.

You will save yourself from lots of trouble if your filing is in order. If you fail to complete your form, your bankruptcy filing proceedings could be delayed. Inaccurate information on the underhand could result to unfavorable court decision.

After filing personal bankruptcy, just wait for the court notice. Once the summons has been served, you need to personally appear before a judge and represent yourself. This is a touch-and-go proceeding if your paper works are correctly filed.

Bankruptcy Leads - Complete Lead Generation Campaigns


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