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Federal Housing Administration Sets Easy Qualifying Standards On Borrowers

Leads for FHA FHA Streamline use cheap data, but we take it a step further and assure that there are no lates on the credit by helping you make a soft pull.

FHA, which is an acronym for the Federal Housing Administration is an assistance program for the housing market in the USA. This agency of the federal government was created in 1934 by Congress. It is part of the HUD or Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office. Basically, the function of FHA is to qualify borrowers for the correct loan amount on a mortgage. A

t the same time, they help lenders minimize risks when they offer housing loans as part of their Mortgage Marketing Services.

Since the aim of FHA Marketing is to provide a win-win solution in the complicated world of mortgage, they need relevant data in the application of a housing loan. Usually, a loan application will have the following data:

  • Address of the home the client has lived in for the past two years.
  • Data from their gross monthly salary.
  • W2 of the last two years
  • Income Tax Forms for the last two years..

Taking Advantage of FHA’s Help

The FHA Loan helps lenders and brokers via lead generation qualification of persons who would otherwise have a problem owning property in the U.S. These participants are only required to pay a down payment of about 10 percent of the total purchase price of the house leaving the 90 percent remaining amount to be financed from the insured loan that runs for twenty-five years of amortization.

Today there is substantial energy in the housing market due to the establishment of the FHA. It has in its fundamental principle broadened the scope for lenders to assist the public with choices not previously available in their purchase of a home, fortunately it goes the step further and makes its data available to suitable agents who have access to Mailing Lists so that choices can be utilized on both sides of the issue.

Here are some sample list filters used on a typical FHA Mailing List:

  1. Employed with the same employer for the past two years
  2. Have income that is increasing or at least consistent for the last two years
  3. Have good credit standing, revealing only two instances of 30-day late payment over the last two years
  4. Any bankruptcy should be two years old already and within that two years, you should have a decent credit
  5. standing Foreclosure cases should be three years old or more
  6. Ability to use 30 percent of total monthly gross income on a mortgage loan.

While loans made possible by the FHA are mainly from banks and other lenders. Omitting Default Mortgage Prospects, the FHA guarantees whatever failures stem from borrowers. This is good news for lenders and brokers because it both lowers their risk and saves time as it has made the possession of information on FHA lists quite a boon to their bottom-line.

Typical homeowners under the protection of the FHA are newlyweds, new graduates, first time home buyers, and those who may have had bad credit ratings in the past. The FHA also has a very active Reverse Mortgage program in place and the leads from that list have become a hot item with Mortgage Brokers. On the whole we have seen a great increase in the U.S. housing market because of the FHA. One definite benefit of working with Federally insured loans is the possibility of taking care of the Streamline Process after your client has been in their home, and paying on time, for over 12 months. Learn more about Streamline Marketing Here.

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FHA Mailing Lists

Once a prospect has qualified for an FHA loan leads they are then in the position to search out a lender who will work diligently on their behalf which is a challenge because they are privy to their own numbers for the most part, on the other hand when a broker comes into play, the attending fee will even out on the bottom line as their relationship with many lenders often results in better deals.

More than any other trade Mortgage Marketing quickly takes in the business temperament of the day and works in a timely manner when supplied with the information available on FHA lists. Added to that the daily Mortgage Trigger Leads will augment closing success for savvy brokers.

Obtaining a Mailing List from a reputable Lead Generation company frees up precious business hours and sets the stage for a one-to one conversation with prospects who are in turn seeking the certainty of exploring all of their options.

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FHA Mailing List Campaigns

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